Not that we are experts, but if you want our honest opinion, we are happy to give it. We have reserved this page to highlight some of our favorite attractions in the town of Grand Lake. We hope you will get a chance to enjoy them as we have.

Rocky Mountain Reparatory Theatre

RMRT is quite an impressive operation, and a very entertaining one at that. Every spring, about 2,500 young actors around the age of twenty audition to be selected as one of the 15 cast members. Rehearsals start in May and within weeks, they are alternating between three productions, on a nightly basis. Costumes, sets and talent are all sure to impress.

Grand Lake Properties

Although we hope to host you each time you visit, we will completely understand if you fall in love with Grand Lake and decide to keep a residence in town. If so, we suggest you contact Donna Ready. She is a community leader with a steady pulse on everything from fundraising events to the real estate market.

Winter Carnival

Just when you thought Super Bowl weekend couldn’t be more fun. The annual Winter Carnival raises money for charitable causes and brings locals out from the woodwork (cabins in many cases) to partake in festive events such as bed sled races, human bowling, snow sculptures, and a noteworthy firework display. All is done in relation to the year’s theme (such as Alice in Winterland) and promises great people watching. Costumes are optional.